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Mar 7th ft., Sean Parent

Jan 18th ft., BlazingMQ
Dec 6th ft., Bill Hoffman
Nov 1st ft., Greg Law 📼


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Our meetups are attended by a diverse audience of C++ users living and working in New York City, including ISO WG21 experts with decades of experience, and university students about to start their careers. Sponsoring NYC++ is a great way for an organization to advertise the importance of C++ within their enterprise.

NYC++ is fiscally hosted by the 501(c)3 Open Collective Foundation . Organizations interested in sponsoring us can do so via .

Our sponsors’ logos are featured on this website, as well as on slides presented at the start of each event; sponsors supporting our group at higher levels are thanked with more prominent placements. We announce each new and renewing sponsorship via email to ensure our community knows which organizations make our events possible.

Organziations can also sponsor individual events. Event sponsors work with us to directly cover the cost of food for attendees. We invite event sponsors to staff a small table where a recruiter can greet guests, offer swag, and discuss career opportunities. A few minutes are allocated for a representative from the sponsor to address the room, providing a chance to share a bit about the organization and the importance of C++ to its business.

Reach out to to discuss sponsoring an NYC++ event.

Host an event

An organization hosting an NYC++ event at their offices or campus elevates their reputation as a prominent supporter of New York’s C++ community. For employers of C++ talent, hosting a meetup offers candidate hires a glimpse of a company’s offices and culture at no expense to the firm. We include a logo for each organization that has hosted us during the last six months on a slide presented at the start of each event.

Reach out to to discuss hosting an NYC++ event.

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