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Mar 7th ft., Sean Parent

Jan 18th ft., BlazingMQ
Dec 6th ft., Bill Hoffman
Nov 1st ft., Greg Law 📼


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Charter and purpose

Our purpose is to provide a professional development and networking venue for C++ enthusiasts in the New York City area. We are committed to the building of a safe and inclusive space for all attendees, which our Code of Conduct helps to enforce.

New York City has long been a global epicenter of C++ talent. The NYC++ Meetup exists to bring together C++ users of all backgrounds and abilities, more frequently and accessibly than annual conferences and plenaries allow for. We feel that opportunities to socialize and exchange ideas promote convergence toward shared approaches and tools, which we see as preferrable to a fragmented language ecosystem.


We hold meetups roughly once each month, with events hosted rotationally by companies and universities in the New York City area. Please reach out if your organization would be interested in hosting or sponsoring an event.

Meetups will often feature either an invited speaker, or a series of lightning talks from several presenters. Inviting speakers provide the community with the opportunity to engage and learn from professionals at the vanguard of the field, whereas lightning talks provide a venue for shorter form presentations by a wider cast of community members.

Topics range from “Back to Basics”-style refreshers on language fundamentals, to discussions of cutting edge ideas newly (or not yet) integrated into the language.

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